12 Kanaals Datalogger BTM-4208sd

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Thermokoppeldatalogger met SD-Kaart

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* 12 channels Temperature recorder, use SD card to save the data along with time information, paperless.


Will be delivered excluding software, cable and SD-Card


* Real time data logger, save the 12 channels Temp.

measuring data along the time information ( year,

month, date, minute, second ) into the SD memory

card and can be down load to the Excel, extra software

is no need. User can make the further data or graphic

analysis by themselves.


* Channels no. : 12 channels ( CH1 to CH12 )

temperature measurement.

* Sensor type : Type J/K/T/E/R/S thermocouple.

* Auto datalogger or manual datalogger.

Data logger sampling time range : 1 to 3600 seconds.

* Type K thermometer : -100 to 1300 .

* Type J thermometer : -100 to 1200 .

* Page select, show CH1 to CH8 or CH9 to CH12 in the

same LCD.

* Display resolution : 1 degree/0.1 degree.

* Offset adjustment.

* SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB.

* RS232/USB computer interface.

* Microcomputer circuit provides intelligent function

and high accuracy.

* Jumbo LCD with green light backlight, easy reading.

* Can default auto power off or manual power off.

* Data hold to freeze the measurement value.

* Record function to present the max. and min. reading.

* Power by UM3/AA ( 1.5 V ) x 8 batteries or DC 9V adapter.

* RS232/USB PC COMPUTER interface.

* Heavy duty & compact housing case.