SL7000 Series Temperatuur Data Loggers

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Temperatuur / Luchtvochtigheids Dataloggers

SL7x0x series - Universal Input Data Logger - Geleverd met TempIT-Pro Software, zie afbeelding voor productcode

Geschikt voor: RTD / Pt100 -Thermokoppel (type J, K, T, R, S, B, N) (geïsoleerd tip) ,mA (4-20mA 4/20mA) ,volt ,mV, thermistors, Slidewire, cu, Ni


De SL7000 dataloggers hebben een zeer flexibele combinatie van input van een enkele temperatuur tot 4 universele ingangen die elk afzonderlijk kunnen worden geconfigureerd om een combinatie van de volgende typen invoer accepteren:

RTD / Pt100
Thermokoppel (type J, K, T, R, S, B, N) (geïsoleerd tip)

-mA (4-20mA 4/20mA)

Onderaan de pagina zijn de bestelcodes te vinden.

Alle SL7000 dataloggers hebben een interne temperatuursensor en een digitale ingang die kan worden gebruikt als een trigger voor een logboekregistratie te starten of als pulsteller voor interfacing met debietmeters of andere pulsegevende sensoren.

Een optionele interne relatieve vochtigheid sensor met een nauwkeurigheid ± 2% is beschikbaar op alle eenheden alsmede een optionele externe temperatuur en relatieve vochtigheid sensor. Dit geeft een totaal van 9 kanalen - interne temperatuur, interne pulsteller, interne relatieve luchtvochtigheid, buitentemperatuur en relatieve vochtigheid en twee of vier universele ingangen.

Product Specificaties




Input Variations

Internal Temperature and counter
Internal Temperature + RH and counter
Internal Temperature, 2 Channel Universal and counter
Internal Temperature + RH, 2 Channel Universal and counter
Internal Temperature, 4 Channel Universal and counter
Internal Temperature, RH, 4 Channel Universal and counter
+Additional External Temp and RH option on all versions

Universal Inputs

Pt 100: 2 or 3 Wire °C or °F (BS EN 60751/JIS1604)
Ni100, Ni120: 2 or 3 Wire °C or °F
Cu10, Cu100: 2 or 3 Wire °C or °F
Thermocouples Types J, K, T, R, S, B, N °C or °F (isolated tip)
Thermistor (Various Types) °C or °F
4/20 mA Scaled in engineering units
±100mVdc Scaled in engineering units
(0 to 1)Vdc Scaled in engineering units 
(0 to 10) Vdc Scaled in engineering units
Slidewire Scaled in engineering units (100 ohm to 10Kohm)


Note: Temperature sensors, the sensing element should be isolated from the probe assembly.

Measurement Resolution

All Universal Inputs - 16 Bit
Internal & External Temperature - 12 Bit
Internal & External Relative Humidity - 8 Bit

Counter Input

Used to start logging or as a counter. 
Maximum Count = 65535 per sample period.
Maximum Frequency = 32678Hz.
Logic 0 < 0.9Vdc.
Logic 1 > 1.9Vdc

Trigger: Negative Edge
User settable filter link 32768Hz or 50Hz. (default: 32768Hz)

Can be used with common collector outputs when using an external shunt resistor.


Log Interval

1 Second to 24 hours for all channels

Sample Methods

Point - The sampled measurement is stored directly to memory.
Averaging - The average value per period is stored 
Maximum - The maximum value per period is stored
Minimum - The maximum value per period is stored

Start Options

Programmable Delay Period (10 minutes to 1 year)
Start on external magnet swipe
Start when counter input goes high 
Start on event trigger

Channel Indicators

8 Green LED's to indicate logging status changing to Red to indicate alarm conditions.

Communication Indicator

1 Yellow LED to indicate comms activity


Optional 3.5 Digit LCD with channel indication and low battery warning. Continuous display with value updated every 4 to 255 seconds (programmable). Units displayable are °C, °F, mA, V, %

Communication Interface

USB Isolated (mini-USB 1B Male connector) - Cable Supplied

Universal Input Connector

14 Way 2 part plug/socket

External Temperature & RH Connector

6 Pin mini-Din

Cold Junction Compensation

Uses internal temperature sensor



Accuracy - Full Scale Deflection (FSD)

Internal Temperature
(Cold Junction)

± 0.5°C (-30°C to +70°C)

External Temperature

± 0.3°C @ 25°C
± 0.5°C over the range 0°C to +50°C
± 1.0°C over the range -30°C to 0°C and 50°C to 70°C

Internal / External RH

± 2.0%RH over 10%-90%
± 4.0% RH over the range 0-10% and 90-100%RH

Internal / External RH

Operating Range

Pt 100 2 or 3 Wire 
°C or °F

± 0.1°C + 0.1% rdg


± 0.2°C ± 0.1% rdg

0.00427 Coefficient

± 3°C ± 0.5% rdg


± 0.02% FSD


± 0.01% FSD (for Isolated Loops), accuracy may be reduced for non-isolated loops.
Some application may require the use of an external isolator (not supplied).
Maximum Volt drop in a 4/20mA loop = 4VDC
Will also accept 0/20mA signals


± 0.01% FSD


± 0.01% FSD


± 0.01% FSD

(Types J, K, T & N)

± 0.1% FSD ± 0.5°C

(Types R,S & B)

± 0.2% FSD ± 0.5°C

Thermistor (Various Types, °C or °F)

Type dependent contact sales office for details


Measuring Ranges


Internal Temperature

-30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)

Internal Relative Humidity

0 to 100%RH

External Temperature

-30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)

External Relative Humidity

0 to 100%RH

RTD (Pt100) EN 60751

-200°C to +700°C (-328°F to +1292°F)

RTD (Pt100) JISC

-100°C to +457°C (-148°F to +854°F)

Thermocouple Type K

-200°C to +1370°C (-328°F to +2498°F)

Thermocouple Type J

-200°C to +1200°C (-328°F to +2192°F)

Thermocouple Type T

-200°C to +400°C (-328°F to +752°F)

Thermocouple Type S

100°C to +1760°C (+212°F to +3200°F)

Thermocouple Type R

100°C to +1760°C (+212°F to +3200°F)

Thermocouple Type B

+700°C to 1820°C (+1292°F to +3308°F)

Thermocouple Type N

-180°C to +1300°C (-292°F to +2372°F)


-80°C to +230°C (-112°F to +446°F)


-60°C to +180°C (-76°F to +356°F)


-200°C to +260°C (-328°F to +500°F)


-100°C to +260°C (-148°F to +500°F)

Thermistor (TH-001)

-40°C to +140°C (-40°F to +284°F)


0 to 100%

Millivolt (mV)

-110mV to +110mV (Over Voltage protected to 24VDC)

10 Volt

0VDC to 11VDC (Over Voltage protected to 24VDC)

1 Volt

0VDC to 1.1VDC (Over Voltage protected to 24VDC)


0.1 to 21mA

Pulse Counter

Up to 65,535 pulses per sample period


General Specification

Memory Size

0 or 2 Universal Inputs - 62,000 Readings

4 Universal Inputs - 128,000 Readings

See Log Duration Calculator HERE

Memory Utilisation

Wrap Around (First in, First Out) or Stop when Full (Default).


Lithium AA (3.6V DC) 2.7 Ah User replaceable

Battery Life

Depending on input configuration, typically 6 years with a sample rate > 2 minutes and LED flash rate > 30 second - Click below for detailed graph

Ambient Operating Range

-30°C to +70°C - Non LCD Display Version
-20°C to +50°C - LCD Display Version

Manifest Text (User)

256 Characters

Manifest Text (Owner)

256 Characters

Alarm Setpoints

Independent High and Low, Latching per channel

Alarm Trigger Time

Each Setpoint has an associated time. This time dictates the period the alarm must be continuously present before the alarm is raised. The options are 0 to 255 sample periods.

Event Trigger

A programmable level per channel that will cause all channels to start recording when the input first crosses the threshold in the specified direction. An event can also be the exercising of an external digit signal or the activation of a magnetic swipe.

Low Battery Warning

Low Battery displayed when battery life has less than one month to go.


3 Years - Excluding Battery

IP Rating


Enclosure Material

ABS - Moulded from RoHS compliant material

UL Flame Rating

94-VO at 0.059' wall
94-5VA at 0.098' wall
UL File Number: E56070


124mm (L) x 78mm (W) x 32mm (H)





SL7000 Order Codes